Environmental protection

As a company that extracts and processes natural resources, we are aware of the need to ensure that all our activities remain sustainable and respectful of the environment.

Environmental protection at EUROVIA Kamenolomy benefits, among other things, from detailed advanced planning that enables us to estimate the lifetimes of our stone quarries and sand pits years or even decades in advance. Our strategy can be adjusted with flexibility to respond to new information and technologies and to integrate plans for site reclamation after the cessation of production.

We adhere strictly to all regulations and statutory requirements in order to minimise the impacts of our operations on the environment in general and the surroundings of our facilities in particular. That is also why we are very diligent when it comes to planning our investments in environmentally friendly production technologies.

Occupational safety and health

Our core activities, i.e. the extraction and processing of stone, bring people into immediate contact with nature, often under demanding climatic and/or geological conditions over which we have limited influence. That is why occupational health and safety is a top priority at all our facilities and in all our processes. Our objective is to create and maintain a working environment that minimises the risk of injury to all who are present at our facilities.

The responsible approach of our company and its employees to occupational health and safety reflects in the prestigious awards and certifications regularly awarded to EUROVIA Kamenolomy (for instance, Golden Mine Gnome, Health-supporting Business).

Social responsibility

We pride ourselves on being a socially responsible company. We care about others and strive to help those in need. Our Group operates its own charitable foundation and supports many worthwhile causes.

Many employees of EUROVIA Kamenolomy are supporters of the Nadace VINCI foundation and many volunteer to the benefit of its projects. The foundation focuses primarily on supporting people at risk of social exclusion. We also support many other worthwhile projects that provide help where help is needed.